Medical Assessment Form Completed to CS&PF or CSA Required Standards

If you are considering the biggest swim of your career, the Channel Swim, you will need a medical examination to prove you have the required level of medical fitness to swim this distance. The largest governing bodies of channel swimming in the U.K, the Channel Swim and Piloting Federation and the Channel Swim Assocation require all potential channel swimmers to undergo a medical examination before the big swim. Every Medical’s Doctors provide this medical and will hand you back your completed form ready to send back to your association.

The Swim

Swimming the channel is something many people strive to achieve. The reward of completing such a feat is massive, however, as with any sport, there are risks involved which become greater if you are not medically examined before setting off for the swim of your life. Before the swim you must be medically fit and have trained for a substantial period of time, as well as found a pilot for the trip who suits you, making sure their boat does too.

What’s Involved in the Medical?

The examinations set by CS&PF and CSA are designed to establish whether you as the swimmer will be able to physically and mentally handle the pressures of being in water for an extended period of time. Tests carried out during the medical include blood pressure readings, analysis of urine and examination of the musculature and skeleton.

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