All the tests are necessary to determine whether there are any problems which have not been previously detected and could affect your health when boxing. Every Medical provides a full examination by an ABA-Approved Doctor for a reasonable price. We understand the difficulty some boxers have in trying to see their own GP for their medical, therefore we offer a fast turnaround and group bookings. Medicals are priced at £50.00 per person however we are able to offer a discount of £40.00 per person for bookings of 4 or more.

What do you need to bring?

When you attend your medical with our GP you must bring along a photo ID, the ABA medical book/form (supplied to you by your club) and a urine sample. If you have any relevant medical conditions you should bring paperwork such as repeat prescriptions and letters from specialists, helping speed up the process.

What our customers say:

“I was very pleased with the service Every Medical provided, it was difficult enough finding an approved ABA Doctor to do my medical, let alone one as cheap as this. Dr Charlesworth-Jones knew exactly what he was doing and has massively helped in the process of getting prepared for my first bout.”
Ben, Newtown  

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