Why do you need a Safety Critical Medical?

Many construction sites require thier workers medical to prove you are fit enough to work in a building environment, where safety is paramount to carrying out tasks with precision. It is important that all workers are screened for any potential health issues which could affect physical or mental health and concentration. Safety Critical Employment
The term ‘safety critical work’ is defined as: “Where the ill health of an individual may compromise their ability to undertake a task defined as safety-critical, thereby posing a significant risk to the health and safety of others.” (CBH, 2015). In the construction industry the following roles have been defined as ‘safety critical’:
  • Maritime Operative (Specialist)
  • Plant Operators
  • Scaffolder/Rigger
  • Slinger/Signaller/Banksman/Traffic Marshall
  • Steel Erector Structural/Fabricator
  • Steeplejack
  • Tunnel Boring Gangs
  • Roadside (high speed)
  • Tunnelling
  • Working at Height where control measures not practicable
Every Medical will test blood pressure, urine for sugar levels, vision, musculature and skeleton, as well as performing other role specific tests depending on the employment.

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