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Certificate of Medical Fitness Provided

Why do you need a medical?

Responsible employers will not allow you behind the wheel of a forklift truck without a medical certificate. A medical examination with one of our Doctors will provide you with proof that you reach the required level of medical fitness.

Our Medical Examination

The service we provide is very convenient and easy to complete taking approximately 15 minutes depending on health of a candidate. Our medical examination is completed to the standard set by the Health and Safety Executive which is the Group 2 DVLA standard, the level of fitness all commercial drivers must reach. When you pass your medical examination our Doctor will provide you with a certificate of fitness which begins on the day you are examined, which lasts for however long the Doctor thinks is appropriate. This decision is based on your health.

We will provide

  • Comprehensive Medical Examination
  • Certificate signed and stamped by our GMC registered Doctor
  • Validity of fitness starting from examination date

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Forklifts in the Workplace

Used expansively throughout the construction and manual industries, forklifts provide an easier alternative to carrying heavy goods and materials. However the very nature of a forklift makes the vehicle a very dangerous workplace tool which in the wrong hands can cause costly damage to people and goods. This is why, although there is no legal requirement, employers usually take the precaution of requiring a forklift trained driver to be medically examined before getting behind the wheel.

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” I left it until the week before my old certificate ran out to renew my fitness but thanks to EveryMedical’s cheap, fast service I was given an up to date certificate and declared medically fit for another year of driving lifters”

Darren, Warehouse Forklift driver